The multiple ways of using css classes

There are many ways how to handle and apply css styling to html elements. The most simple way is to inline the styling, but that's to hard to maintain, and so we are concentrating on using css classes (not IDs) and applying them to the html elements.

The main usage of css should be clear at this point. If you are not yet familiar with css, you could start by looking at the syntax documentation at MDN. What I want to look at, is the different ways of writing, comibining and applying css classes.

Boiled down, there are three approaches to use css classes, that are generic, semantic or modular. Each approach has it's advantages and disadvantages. So let's get startet.

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Clientside theming with user generated values

  1. sass variables as fallback
  2. creating a theme map
  3. generating css custom properties from theme map
  4. crating a mixing to use theme values as css properties
  5. retrieving user data and applying user theme to current style

I use sass' mix() function instead of darken(), because they behave diffrently in some cases. So I made this a habit. See this Pen by Josh McCarty.

I am using Sass maps to keep the theme organized and for later iteration when generating custom properties from it.

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Being beyond the tellerand the first time

Oh man, what a ride. This week I was attending the beyond tellerand conference taking place in Düsseldorf for the very first time. And despite the fact I was that shy guy walking around, watching all these nice people, I had so much fun. But let me go back to the start. The moment when it happened that I will be going to beyond tellerand.

I was attending the another conference in 2015. A small, intimate after work conference taking place in cologne. We had the possibility to send questions via twitter that were asked in a Q&A session after the speakers had finished their talks. So I took the chance to tweet a question for Bastian Allgeier creator of Kirby CMS. Now, what you may not know by now is, that there was a raffle for all questions send in.

So at the end of the conference host Christan Heilmann was anuncing the winners of the raffle. All winners from last to number two. There were some nice things to win, and was kind of disappointed not winning one of those prices. And was not even hoping for the first price which – you may have guessed it – was a ticket to beyond tellerand, sponsored by Marc Thiele.

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From Wordpress to Ghost

In this post I'll explain why and how I moved my blog from Wordpress, wich I really liked, to Ghost, wich I like just a bit more. Due to the topic this post will be in english.

tl;dr: As you can see, it works. And the migration went really well.

To get an overview up front here are the steps I went thru. But be aware, that I assume your server already meets the requirements by ghost. By which I mean node.js is running.

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DHL und die unmögliche Altersprüfung

Ich bin bin mal wieder etwas verärgert. Eventuell sogar sauer. Darum auch wieder mal ein Beitrag, der diesmal von der DHL handelt, die es nicht fertig bringt, mir ein Paket zu liefern, für dass ich mein Alter persönlich verifizieren muss.

Aber erst mal von Anfang an. Ich habe mir am 28.10.2015 bei GameStop das PC Spiel Fallout 4 (100% Uncut) Day-One-Edition bestellt, in der Hoffnung, dass es zum Realeasedatum am 10.11.2015 bei mir eintrifft, und ich munter los spielen kann.

Nachdem das Spiel und der Vorbestellerbonus, eine Wackelkopf-Figur, im Warenkorb gelandet sind, kam die erste bittere Pille. Das Spiel ist unzensiert und als USK18 eingestuft. Das zeiht also einen Altersnachweis mit sich. Nur macht man dass heutzutage nicht mehr mit der Kopie seines Personalausweises, sondern der Lieferdienst, DHL in diesem Fall, überpüft bei Zustellung persönlich die Identität und das Alter. Das kostet natürlich extra, und somit erhöht sich der kostenlose Versand um und auf fünf Euro. Das war mit bei dem Preis des Spieles und dem Bonus auch noch Recht.

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